Aura Reading

Aura:- An invisible breath, emanation, or radiation.

A distinctive but intangible quality that seems to surround a person or thing; atmosphere.

Every Human Being on earth has an invisible light which surround the body till he is living. This invisible light emits from our chakras which controls our body mechanism. Each chakra emits a different colour according to the basic nature of the chakra.

It is said that those who have a good Aura lives a balanced life, they are healthy, Happy, and prosperous.

Aura mainly depends upon the thinking and emotional factors of the individual, how the person react to the outer world and what is way of his thinking to the immediate situations of the life.

A good occultist who have developed, or have a god gift of intuitive eye can see the person’s aura from distant location. If a person who can see some one aura he can help the other person by telling his hidden personailty.By Knowing our Aura we can have a healthy and happy life.

Tarun Chopra who has been practicing Aura reading mainly after his kriya yoga initiation can help you to read your Aura. He can guide you yours hidden aspect and the things which are creating troubles in your life with the help of Aura Reading.

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