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  • Medicine or treatment for a disease or injury.
  • Means of counteracting or eliminating something undesirable.
  • Means of legal reparation (The act or process of repairing or the condition of being repaired)


  • Preventive or institutive action.
    Any maneuver made as part of progress toward a goal.

Remedial Measure is a vital part of occult. As Occult deals with the hidden aspects of any thing concern, with remedies we can amend the things and consequences. Most of occultist, Astrologers use different kind of Remedial measure to amend the situations of the seeker.

As we know that if we use our intuition well we can get solutions to our problems.

Tarun Chopra who has a good hold of occult subjects, He deals remedial measures with his own style. He normally doesn't  use the vedic remedies which are general. General remedies are worshiping, prayer, Hawans, religious rituals, Gems wearing etc. He has been helping people with his unique remedies. Which are very simple to do and results are fast. Initially he started prescribing remedies from the famous book called Lal Kitab but he observed that doing these remedies is difficult for every one. So he started coining his own remedies.

Like he asked one person to get an Hour-glass/ sand-glass (sand-glass or sand timer) and use it daily. So when he did this remedy he got a good promotion in his Job now that person is enjoying the elevated position in his Job. This remedy of Hourglass can be done by any one who thinks that his life is not progressing and want to achieve higher position in his life.

Tarun Chopra has devised a unique coin with two powerful symbols. This has been observed that when a person starts meditating with this coin by placing it in his both hands, the person starts getting powerful vibrations. The mind becomes more focused and all his negativity which were hindering his way to success reduces. Further it has been observed that those who start meditating with the coin, get their desires fulfill easily, with least-efforts.

This Mystical coin can be carried always for overall growth in life.

There are several other mystical remedies which Tarun Chopra prescribes to the individuals those, who consult him. 

Read about his Various Experiences the way his simple remedies has helped many people 

One of my client called me and told me that he has been having lots of problems in his life. He said that he is facing disputes among his brothers and requested me to visit his home, so I did. 

As soon I enter his home, I saw in the main the guest hall, he has displayed chess. I asked him from how many days he has been keeping that chess at that place. He said it has been placed from last six months. Then I asked him did you observe that your problems got triggered off only after you have displayed that chess. He said you are absolutely right I have been facing problems from that time only. I asked him to remove the chess from that place and not to display chess any more. 

Every object has some mysticism behind it. Chess is a symbol of power struggle as the person was displaying the chess from so long, he has been experienced power struggle in his daily life. Chess is meant to play, we should play and keep it at it place without displaying. 

One of my friend's Mother called me and told about her daughter that she has been hospitalized, and she is not able to get stabilize as there are some problems with her blood. 

I at once visited the hospital and checked the Horary Chart for that time. At that time Mars was badly placed in eight houses. I told her that in your home have you brought a camel picture or idol camel. She said that she does not remember if she has brought any camel idol/picture at home. I insisted, her that they must be having some camel pictures displayed in their home and asked her to visit her home.

 As soon I enter the room. I saw a calendar where Camels were displayed. I at once removed that calendar and destroyed it. After destroying within two hours the girl got stabilized, and now she is living in a good health. 

Camels are the most important animal of desserts, and they have a direct link with Dessert. We should avoid these things which are related to Dessert area. Further, it has been shown in lal kitab that Camel symbolizes Bad Mars.

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A shop keeper of Gurgaon sector-14 market. Who is very well known to me, asked me once for a remedy for their Electric Transformer which use to be always faulty in spite of changing several times by electric department. 

This was a unique and amazing question as I have been giving solutions to people for their problems of their normal life, but never thought of giving a remedy for a faulty transformer. 

Anyway, I thought to let me give a try. I asked them to wind up, with Yellow Thread Eight Times and give a knot after eight rounds to the electric transformer pole. After few days that shopkeeper met me once again and told me that we did that remedy with proper worshiping and put eight rounds of Yellow Thread. And from that day onwards Electric Transformer has not been faulty and working properly. 

When ever if a person is being affected by rahu, he can do this remedy by winding up Yellow thread on their meter box by this remedy much of negativity of Rahu is reduced.

This is an experience when I have just started practicing Astrology. Those days I was into Business of Tele Communication products. One day I visited someone’s home and found that he has collected Lot of Ganesha idols in home. The person was very much talented in the software field, but, he was having problems in his career. 

That person was unemployed from much long time. Further they told me that we are not having any issue in spite of no medical problems. I suggested them to collect all Ganesha Idols and keep them in some hidden place in their home. As I told that Ganesha should not be collected like show pieces in home and should be kept with full devotion and only for, worshiping purpose. They agreed to my suggestion and collected all Ganesha idols and put it some storing place. Within two months the person got a very good promising job, and they also got a female child Born. Now those couples are having very good life, and yes they are not keeping the Ganesha Idol loosely as like, they were keeping in past.

I got Initiation into Kriya yoga with that I also got Reiki first degree, second degree, Shakti path, karuna Reiki from Madabusi subramaniam. When I got initiation into Reiki, he told the value of symbols he told that you can use Reiki symbols in healing. He also told one unique thing that if you lose your keys any day, try to use these symbols in a specific order, the keys will be found.

 I have used these symbols many times when I have lost my keys in home and found the keys every time. One day a person lost his keys in a big market. He was very disturbed, as keys were very important for him, he was searching for keys for two hours but could not find the keys, so I thought to try those Reiki symbols in that big, vast area and wished that keys will be found and yes! The keys were found in half hour after using those symbols.

 If we know how to use symbols effectively we can do great things. The Coin which I have devised has two powerful symbols when used properly can give so good effects in few days.

This is a unique experience, which has no specific logic. Once a person called me up and told me that he has not been getting any promotion in his career from long time. 

Normally, I receive Phone calls from lots of people, those people who I don’t know, but they have heard about me from someone and by recommendation, they call me for solving their problems. When I receive a phone call I just predict or try to solve their problems with my intuition only as there is no time to see horoscopes or tarot cards. 

Now when this person called me, I told him to have a polo – mint pack and just take one polo in morning when he leaves for an office and one polo in evening when he returns from an office. Therefore, he tried this remedy, as the remedy was very simple one. 

When the polo pack got finished, he got a jump in salary of 40 percent, he was amazed, and I was also. After few days, he called me up and told that he has been rolling back that salary, and now he is back with the same salary, which he was getting before. 

I once again asked him to repeat the same remedy. He tried the polo remedy  again and when the polo got finished, he got a very good job with a very high position and the salary jump of 70 percent. 

This polo mint remedy I have tried three times, and it has never failed. Do try and see if anyone also gets same experience. (Kindly Note for success of this remedy, you do not share the pack with anyone, and you never miss it even once when you start the remedy)

Once I and my friend who is an astrologer, were discussing about meditation. He told me that he cannot meditate as there are lots of mosquitoes as live in a humid place. I at once focused on that problem and found remedy for him intuitively. 

I asked him to draw mentally triangle and circle inside the triangle. This symbol has to be drawn at the four corners of the room to protect from mosquitoes while doing meditation. I don’t know if he used the symbol or not but by talking to him, I could find a solution to this problem. When ever I go for meditation, I draw this symbol and mosquitoes does not come near me. 

This same instance is mentioned in Auto biography of a yogi when Yogananda told his guru that he is not able to concentrate due to mosquitoes. If a person develops insight, he can find solutions to any kind of problems.

This is the remedy which I advised to a girl who was not getting married in spite of her all efforts. Her parents were fed up and frustrated. 

I told them to take two similar glass jar and fill one Jar with Playing Marbles. I asked the girl to transfer a marble to another jar when she wakes up and another marble when she goes to bed in night. The precaution which was to be taken that there should be no miss when the process starts until all the marble transfer to another Jar.

 The girl did this remedy and she got engaged after completing this remedy. 

This is the simplest remedy for a person who is not able to get married. Do This remedy with positive attitude and see the positive results. 

This remedy I found when a person who was married from five years and having children also. All of sudden his life got disturbed when his wife left her. He was very emotionally disturbed when he met me. 

By  focusing in my mind, I found this remedy intuitively. He did this remedy first time, there was some movement and the wife start communicating with him, after few days he retried the same remedy. This time situation was eased down, and he was out of his turmoil and in few days her wife came back to him now they are living together happily.

Lots of people seek advice from Astrologers when their son and daughter do not get any suitable match and their marriage get delay due to unknown reasons. 

I have observed this when a person doesn't want to get married and then he/she gets programmed like that. And when they make up their mind to get married their subconscious mind is already programmed in this way that they don’t want to get married.

 How to reprogram their mind so that they get the right match soon. (We should always remember, our destiny is all related to our own mind. How we think or attract things and which are near to your surroundings will lead to direction to ones destiny) 

We can use various symbols, which attract early marriage, for example, sun flowers are the good symbol for marriage, we can keep sunflowers in their room or have a good wall painting of sunflowers. There should be no picture representing single, like, for example, a portrait or picture of the self. Instead one can display pictures, idols of pairs, couples, or family picture in their room. 

One can also keep a picture of the nest where two birds are there. Anything related to the couple, this will bring positive vibrations and will help to get the person get married early. 

One can also keep the mystical coin under the pillow so that their negativity towards marriage wash it out. 

Note it is very important that one should not have a sapphire stone of any color. If one is wearing a pukhraj (white sapphire stone), he should remove and put that stone in a black Cloth until he gets married.

A client of mine, who is working in Abu Dabi contacted me online, he told me that he is having some sort of health problems a severe headache. He is not able to walk due to this and he was very much worried about his health. At the time he started communicating with me the time was around 00:30. The environment around me was complete silence as all people were sleeping.

 All of sudden I hear a loud music on the roadside, a car came into our lane with very loud music. This gave me the clue. I asked him do you have any music system, which is faulty or not working. He said he does not have any music system, but yes he is having a Pen drive which is broken and the pen drive he normally uses for listening to the music. He also told me that he always carries that pen drive in his pocket. 

I asked him to remove the pen drive, just throw away as that is creating the bad vibrations. After few days we communicated once again, he told me that now the problem is over as headache is gone after throwing the pen drive. 

This has been proven scientifically that every object has some vibrations. When ever something gets defected it produce negative vibrations, which can hinder the path to success. In same way when we use positive object like Mystical Coin, we can get very positive results in life.

Here is one simpler remedy which I do not have any logic for it, and this remedy has never failed. 

This is the remedy I found when a person called me. He told me that he is not getting any money from anywhere. 

After listening to this problem, I asked him to have Bread and Jam in the breakfast. The Mixed Fruit Jam (red color jam) with white bread, because at that time I could not suggest him any other remedy, which may be costly for him, which he may not afford it. 

He said okay and said let me try this remedy, He had breakfast of Bread and Jam and in evening, he got some good amount from somewhere. 

This same remedy I have advised to few known people, even I have tried few times on myself, and yes, it has never failed. 

This is just a temporary remedy to get an inflow of money at that time when we are having short of money. Try it and if anyone gets same result do send me the feedback.

A Client of mine who have been consulting me from a year asked me a solution for his problem. The problem was that he has been having lots of unexpected expenses at home. Therefore, I advised a remedy which anyone can also try if he is facing lots of expense at home. 

The remedy is to take the ice cubes ten in numbers put into some box or plate and sprinkle some saffron (kessar ) on it and let the ice melt down. When the ice melts down, throw the water outside the home. This remedy should be done every month to remove the negative forces which spoil our finance, and we get unexpected expenses. Do send me the feed back when someone does this remedy.

Most of the time people are coming to me, where they are having problems related to Rahu, as they feel that someone has done black magic on them. Sometime in their homes family members start behaving in some erratic manner where one does not understand the reasons behind these strange behaviors. For this kind of problems, I have recommended a simple remedy which has help to over come the problem. 

I have asked to keep a Rubik’s Cube in some hidden place at home. As in occult cube is the symbol of evil. We cannot escape from the evils and bad things of life as it is like the shadow which comes along with the light. Where ever there is light there is a shadow also. Therefore, when a person is having Rahu dasha, having problems in relation to health, career, marriage, or any other kind of hindrances which he is not able to understand the reason behind it. He can keep an solved Rubick cube in home and carry the mystical coin always where ever he goes.

 I have observed that this remedy has helped in the tough days and the life becomes smooth after keeping the rubick cube and mystical coin.

Normally, these days one will observe that all canvassing/promoting about the positive results of pyramids. Yes the Pyramids are the source of power, but we have to see that there are always two sides of energy as the positive and negative energies come side by side. 

Pyramids do create very positive energy inside, and they create very negative energy outside. We can see the example of Egypt, there we see very big pyramids the death bodies are saved due to positive energy inside, but they have created very bad effect outside , we can see the Pyramids are situated in dessert area, where life to sustain is very difficult. 

Initially, I got the lesson of my life time that pyramids have to be removed from home when I put a picture on my computer desktop, I was assuming that this will help me in some way, but it happened in opposite manner. My computer got crashed and I have to rebuild my hard-disk and motherboard due to the crash. 

I was wondering why did it happened. The answer is that pyramids are the symbol of death as everyone knows that in pyramids the death bodies were kept. Therefore, the pyramids are the symbol of Death and destruction. One should always avoid Pyramids picture or pyramids at home. 

I have always asked my clients to avoid pyramids at home as for example one day a client visited me. He said we are having problems in our home as we are three family members, but we cannot sit together for few minutes, when ever we sit together we are bound to fight. 

I concentrated on his problem, and I saw in my inner eye a Pyramid. I asked him do you got a pyramid at home? He said yes, someone has  gifted them a crystal pyramid which has been displayed at the center table in my home. I asked him to remove the Pyramid from home. 

After few days, he once again met me, and he said I have removed the pyramid and now there is peace at home.

There has been instances where people experience very negative thoughts, drowsiness in meditation. This has been experience with a meditation Guru, who helps students to meditate. I have seen that those who are into such a kind of spiritual practices and help others to do such practices absorb theirs negativity, when they help them to perform such techniques. 

The Guru told me that when she comes out of the meditation, she feels very Low and tired. Hearing this I was very surprise to know, as meditation helps to a person to feel lively  instead of tiredness. I asked her to try a simple remedy, when she goes for meditation.

She should hold the Mystical Coin and keep Alum at the place where she meditates. She started using the mystical coin by holding the coin in one hand and keep few pieces of alum near her meditation place, She got very good results. She told me that now the fatigue is gone, and she feels lively after meditation. This remedy I have tried with two more persons and they both have got the positive results. If any one try this remedy do give me the feedback.

There is a Belief among people that Aquarium at home is good. Since Aquarium has water, which is symbol of abundance and prosperity. People who keep aquarium do get some monetary benefits, however each side of a coin has two sides and when there is positive there could be negative also. 

There was an instance at the time when we were having tenants at home. One fine day they brought one big and nice Aquarium at home. All were happy to see the colorful fish swimming. Few days after one or two fish got died as it is natural that fish dies and people replace them with new ones. 

All was fine until one day I got news that our tenant uncle got a severe attack of diabetes, and it also was found that he is having very high blood pressure also. I was wondering why did it happened. 

I inquired from those people who were using Aquarium that did any family members got severe health problems. Every time I get to know that yes, there were severe health problems. 

My motive to write this experience here is to get people aware.  If they have also got same kind of experience, where any family member got ill  after installing aquarium at home. 

I think installing an Aquarium at office, shop, public place is good but not in home. Do give feedback about this Experience.

This is an instance when I have just started astrology practice. At that time I was not having good command over remedies.  I was good in predictions only. 

Then I  started learning Lal Kitab Remedies from Rajeev K Khattar (famous Lal kitab practitioner, who prescribes instant remedies in an Indian astrology magazine). 

At that time young women came to me and told me about her problem, I was very tensed by hearing her problem because I did not know any remedy, which could solve her problem. I have asked her to come next day so that I could think for a remedy which could solve her problem. 

It was mid afternoon, I was laying on my bed thinking for the solution, and I got a nap and I saw a dream where Rajeev ji and I was sitting together and he was teaching me. He was pointing me about Ketu relation with Dog, as in lal kitab Ketu is ruled by Dog. 

After this dream, I wake up and next day that female came. I asked her to offer a chapatti to dog daily for three nights. 

After few days, she meet me and told me that her problem is over. 

Another instance when I did not started my astrological  practice.  I some how  knew intuitively that I could get hurt on my neck. Those days there was a street dog who used to follow me every time whenever I go out side of my home. I use to offer this dog a chapatti daily.

One day my bell rang around 23 hours, as we have closed our gates, I was thinking who has come at this time. I went out and saw that same dog was sitting on the wall of the gate where the bell is. I was surprised to see that dog has rang the bell because on that day I did not offer the chapatti to the Dog. 

Few days passed, I was going on my scooter, and I could not see a telephone wire which was very low on the road it struck in my neck, I was nearly escaped as I have applied the breaks at right time and there was a small wound on my neck. After one or two days, I saw the same dog were on his neck, there was a big wound. I was very sad to see this as I believe that this Dog has taken my burden.

There have been instances where my clients ask remedy for getting rid of Drinking and smoking habit. Astrologically Drinking Alcohol rules by Saturn and Smoking is ruled by Rahu. 

Those who are into drinking habit, they have Strong Saturn and those who are into Tobacco smoking, they are mostly affected by the Rahu. 

To quit drinking habit, I have given one simple remedy to one lady who was fed up with her Husband Drinking Habit. I asked her to bring the empty alcohol bottle (normally its a whisky bottle as in India it is widely used) and to fill the bottle with water. Cap it and hide it somewhere in home so that no one could find it easily. I hope after doing this remedy within two months the person will quit the Habit of Drinking, do send me feedback if one try this remedy. 

If one wants to quit smoking, he should do this remedy. Bring one empty pack of cigarette and put saffron leaves into it. Bind that cigarette pack with a saffron color silk cloth and hide it somewhere in home. This will help him to quit smoking very soon within two to three months. We can also keep a mystical coin and the photograph of that person, in a Yellow/saffron color silk cloth so that he leaves his bad habits and leads a good and virtue life.

There has been an instance where people start getting disturbances in life and the cause is not known. I have observed this with my clients that their life start getting disturbed when some one close of their family member passes away. I have read in Tibetan Book of living and Dying that some time soul does not recognize its death and get very disturb.

 A disturb soul wanders near the family members and result is that in family there are several disturbances like business slow down, all of sudden financial loss, obstruction in every aspect of life. 

I have dealt with this kind of problems and given a simple remedy which has been successful . The remedy is to burn three different fragrance incense stick (agarbatti) at sun set for few days like, five, eight,  days. With this soul recognizes  the death and leave this plane. Their are symptoms when any soul is wandering in home, the electric good start getting affected , most of the electric things will start getting disturb or burn out. One can also keep four mystical coins in home in four directions for protection from the disturb souls and the souls who have passed away. 

Every Home, office, apartment can be divided into four directions, One should keep four Mystical Coins at each Direction to bring good vibrations, Positive energy/parana. By keeping the coin one will start noticing the positive change from the day it self.  

It has been observed that some time without any specific reasons a person start getting obstruction in business, he faces all around obstruction, payment not coming, errors in production, labor problems etc. What to do, this is mainly due to some hidden forces which we are not aware. If we study Tarot cards, there is one card called devil, its number is 15. 

I have recently given a remedy to one person, normally I give remedy without thinking of logic's it comes naturally to me, I told him to draw 15 circles in morning on a piece of paper and keep that paper in your pocket and tear the paper when he comes back home. I also told that this time will last for three more months but still if he does this remedy daily, the problems which he is facing in business will reduce to some extent. I know the powers of symbol; symbols are easy if we know how to use them we can get maximum benefits. Any one who does this remedy do give me feedback.

Good Luck Charm

I have seen that how the people life have changed when they got the Mystical coin. I am really surprise to see one unique thing which has no explanation. When some orders me the mystical coin, and i am in the process of sending the coin to him. The person start getting positive vibrations, and his tension start getting relieved. I don’t know how it happens how come without actually getting the coin the person starts getting positive results, Is it affect of the coin or is it due to my mind. 

I know that if you are able to still your mind and then you can achieve any thing. You can heal some one from distance or the person who is going to get the coin starts getting positive vibes as now the coin is already on the way for him.

Recently I have visited a girl’s home, who have return back to her parents because her husband got expired. when I visited their home, I fond some good paintings which she only have painted before her marriage. There were some others wall Hangings in her room. I find one very peculiar thing that she have all wall Hangings where a single girl was shown. Every painting there was a girl who was single. There was a painting where a girl trying hard to cross a river on a boat, she was alone rowing hard. It struck to my mind that there is one Tarot card where a male is trying to cross a river and there is a girl and a small baby sitting on the boat.

 I asked her why she have put up all the paintings where a girl is single. She said I just did without any thinking. But I got the clue. I have notice that every object does have an vibration and some hidden symbols. Our conscious mind is less sensitive and weak as compare to our Subconscious. Our Subconscious mind is like a plain mirror. We can train our Subconscious mind by putting good affirmations or positive thoughts. 

When ever we meditating, we are training our Subconscious and to cleaning  our negativity. If we can train our Inner mind by positive pictures which depict happiness and positive we can reap very positive results in our life. 

One more instance where I went to a young lady home as she is fighting hard to retain her marriage life, as Husband has filed a divorce. I saw a chess board which she only have painted her self as she is designer and loves painting. she told me that when she have shifted to this new house before that only I have painted this chess board. And after that my Husband attitude has changed towards me now things have gone so far that he wants divorce from me. I at once show the first remedy of chess which I have written on this page and asked her to destroy the chess board. I hope things get good for her soon.

Our life path is not easy as we face difficulties in every aspect of life, some time things are so bad that we does not find any way to come out of the situations. 

Om is an universal sound which has the power to relieve our problems. If we know how to use the power of Om we can come out of every difficult situation of life. For example if one is facing relationship problem that person should mentally chant OM before sleeping with the breath 72 times, He should Inhale with Mentally chant OM and when he exhale he should count one, then two and so on till 72. For money problem Om till 48 times, For Good Health Om till 58 Times. For Litigation, Om till 78 times. For Good Job Count om till 80 times. For Debits Count Om till 84 times. For Progeny one should count Om 52 times before going to bed. Write me if any one need to know how many times he should count Om for his specific problem.

These days Mobile caller Tunes are very popular and mostly people are trying to get their caller tunes according to their wish. If I  say these Caller Tunes have much impact in our lives, it would be very difficult to believe. 

We all know that the Tunes which we chose reflect our personality, this is what we want that people should hear when they call us. Since i am dealing mostly with the problems of people who normally calls me and some time i do call them back and it so happened that one of my client whose sister was terribly ill due to Leukemia ( Blood Cancer) I Called him. 

I was surprise to hear the ring tone of the popular Bolywood Picture called Fanna, Fanna is an Urdu word, the meaning is destruction. I asked him to change this caller tune at once. Damage was already done, his sister expried in few days.

 I am just trying to point out that every thing is correlated we should be very careful what we chose always chose the right kind of tunes which are meant for happiness and peace not the tunes which reveal sadness or destruction. Today (15, may, 2008)when I called one person, (which lead to write this experience)who is having some disturbance from long time his caller tune was very disturbing, without any specific reason I asked him to change the tune and I said let me write on the web site so that people could also be aware of this. 

I asked him to change his caller tune to normal Trin Trin ring. One can see how the powerful this Trin Trin ring is because this Tone has change our lives the way we communicate. So i recommend to use the normal ring Tone Trin Trin.

Some time there are so easy remedies for some problems, that one get surprise to see. Once a young Man who was not getting any job for long time came to me and ask me what should I do to get a good job. As soon his question got finished I saw intuitively Rajma (Red Beans), I asked him for how much time has it passed that you people have not prepare Red Beans in your home, he said it is very long time . I asked him to have Rajma and Rice on every Thursday for three weeks. 

After few days he meet me and told me that he got an Job in an multinational Company with good salary after having Red Beans on Thursday, this was very surprising I asked few more people when they were job less to do so and they also got the Job as soon they consume Red Beans.

Recently I have been suggesting this remedy to people who are having some kind of problem in relation to their finance. The remedy is that to keep a small amount of cotton in their purse. Replace it after few days. One can replace it every 15th day. This remedy has helped few . 

I have got positive feedback from people as they are able to have some stable inflow of money and expenses are going down. One can try this remedy, it is a simple one.

I have notice that those people who live honest life, Good at heart and never try to hurt some one get affected by Evil Eye. One wonders why it happens and what can one do to get rid of this problem.

First one should know the symptoms of Evil Eye and the symptoms are that a person who is having normal life all of sudden his life get struck, It can be any thing, Money problem, Health Problem, dispute among partners or any problem which we can think of. 

There is one solution which i have tried two times on my self and it have helped me instantly. The solution is to take a Blank piece of paper. Just focus on the paper for few minutes with open eye, try to visualize the person face who you think that from that person I have got Nazar (Hindi Term for Evil Eye). Just Crunch that Paper very hard and throw it away that paper away outside your home. Your Nazar has been removed as soon throw the paper. 

One wonders why one get an evil Eye. It happens for example your weak point is Health and some says that now you are looking very healthy and see he has no intention to harm you but you are now affected by evil eye, this is how the person get Nazar (Evil Eye) so next time when ever you feel that you are getting affected by the evil eye just visualize the person face on a piece of paper. You should have some good concentration power to do this, if you are not able to do try to take help from a person who does Meditation regularly and have some inner concentration power. With practice one can also develop concentration as concentration is very important to get success in any endow-er. Do give your valuable feedback if some one gets positive results.

A simple remedy which I have told to those who are trying to find their lost keys. The remedy is very simple and effective and helped few. 

When you are not able to find the lost keys. Take a glass of water and throw it outside your home or office. Don’t try to look for the keys for some time.

 It has been observed by me that when one is facing some kind of problem or hindrance remove your mind from that issue. One will notice that the solution will come by itself. Please provide me the feedback if someone tries this remedy.

There is one girl who has tried all of my remedies, and she told me that she has not been getting any results. Sometime it happens that any remedy you do, and you don’t get results. Here with this girl, I, tried to find what is the problem why she is not getting any positive results in spite of all the remedies. 

I found that she is too much religious and do lots of religious activity. I Remember in Lal Kitab ( the famous Astrology Book where remedies are Prescribed) has mention that when there is a link of Saturn with seventh house the person should live a life where he should non religious. 

This is very difficult as we all are brought up like that one should be religious. However, I have observed minutely even one of our relatives who has a combination of Saturn with seventh house how difficult life he has been, he is too religious. 

I would suggest if someone has this kind of combination, he can start with meditation instead of rituals or other religious activity. Kriya yoga is one of the finest meditations if one just observe Breath with Howng saww or with OM, he will get benefit.

A client of mine, who is Doctor and working in a reputable Hospital, has been suffering from Acute Psoriasis. Psoriasis is a skin trouble where the skin is lost in a tremendous amount, sometimes it is very pain full. She asked me many times about some remedy, but I could not find any suitable remedy for her.

 One day someone else wrote me an email asking about a same kind of problem as her son was suffering from Psoriasis. At that time, i found a remedy intuitively. I wrote her to keep camphor (Kappoor Hindi term) in Yellow color cloth near a bed side and the mystical coin under the pillow regularly.

 I am happy now this remedy has been working very well and now the Doctor is also recovering very fast. I think this remedy can be tried for any kind of skin troubles. If someone tries this remedy do give me the feedback about it. Note. Yellow color cloth should be like saffron color, the color which turns out when we put saffron into water.

There is a belief among people that a Peepal tree if planted in home is not good. One can find a Peepal tree growing near a Temple. Sometimes we can also notice that it sprouts in home on roof top and on walls of the home. Every time you try to remove that tree it will sprouts at some other place in home. 

When I have stared learning astrology I was attracted towards lal kitab where there are precautions and remedies prescribed. In that book, it is stated that if Jupiter has any link with seventh house in janampatri (horoscope) that person should not keep any idols/photographs of Guru, deity. Even one should not do the things which we do in a temple like burning of a lamp or ringing bells. If a person built a temple in home according to Lal Kitab there will be not much growth in life. A Male member will not be able to do good in their career and the gold will be lost/stolen and it also attracts health problems. 

There was a time when a peepal tree use to come out by itself in our home. I tried to remove it every time but after some time I could see the tree growing somewhere else in my home. I thought what should be done so that this tree never grows in our home. At that time, I remember about the rule of the lal kitab that one should not keep any idols or pictures of any deity or Guru in home. I could correlate that since a Peepal is sprouting out I should remove the idols and hide it somewhere in home. 

After removing the idols/pictures it is now ten years passed not a single plant of peepal tree has come out. There is much bliss in home, and we have noticed much growth of all family members after that. If anyone is also noticing a peepal tree in home then he/she can hide all the idols of devi / devta, guru. Instead of idols one can keep a symbol of Om, or any sacred word in their temple.

There has been a Research where it has found the Ginger (adrak) is very useful for treating cancer. There are various website mentioning about this. How ginger can be used for treating cancer.
Recently, someone contacted me for a remedy for cancer. I could not find any good remedy for this disease, but at that time something clicked into my mind which I am sharing here.
The remedy is to keep six pieces of raw ginger into an air tight transparent plastic box, like tupperware. This box should be kept near the patient in the bedroom. The ginger has to be dispose out on every eighteenth day. Refill the box again with six fresh ginger, let it remain there in the room for another 18 days. This procedure has to be continued for three to six months and observe if the person got benefit or not.  
One can do this remedy along with the other treatment which the person is following. Kindly note we should avoid elephant (not Ganesha) pictures, idols, ivory items from home. One can notice several pictures of elephants in their homes where there has been some instances of cancer in their family. According to Lal Kitab Rahu symbolizes as rahu (astrologically) is the main cause of this disease. 

One can notice on my experience web page, I have suggested something to eat as a remedy. Here is one more remedy. This remedy is very simple and has been helpful to many people who have tried. The remedy is to have two Glucose Biscuits in the morning daily until all debts are removed. If you are having same debt problems, eat two glucose biscuits in the daytime (Popular makes of Glucose biscuits are Parle G, Tiger, Horlicks).

Kindly note you will not take more than two biscuits in a daytime for the success of this remedy. This remedy I found intuitively when a Jeweler, who was into huge debt contacted me and told me about his problem that time. 

Another remedy to remove debts from life is. One should write numbers (1 to 72) on a piece of plain paper in morning. Tear that paper in night before sleeping. Do this procedure till he feels that he is out of all debts.

Download Golden Boat Picture. Use this picture as desktop or in your mobile phone and see how fast your finance improves.
Download Rooster Picture. Rooster  is an Ancient Symbol, which signify victory over Darkness and clear Direction to Light. If any person display a Rooster Picture in the bed room. This way that person will always attract Good Times and Bad luck will remain away from him. One can download this picture and use it.

Kindly Note: We are all God’s instrument, and this is his wish which we are all following. If someone gets the benefit with these remedies, it is God Wish.


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Tarun Chopra is a practicing Vedic Astrologer (Jyotish), Tarot Reader, Numerologist, Psychic Reader and Aura Reader. He lives in Gurgaon. His approach, fore feeling and intuitive impressions are excellent, also in the much sense of his affirmatives towards recommending solution to anyone’s problems. He started the practice at a very early age, and took it up as his career. A remarkable and positive change occurred in his life, when he got initiated into the divine technique, which is popularly known as Kriya Yoga. He firmly believes, that what is the purpose of predictions when he is not able to overcome the burden of the people, who are suffering in some way or the other. His virtuous ideology led him to learn the various techniques of Lal Kitab, a famous book, wherein numerous remedies are prescribed. As time passed, he developed his individual yet indigenous methods of predictions and their subsequent remedial measures. His unadulterated way of envisaging and foretelling to the people who come in contact with him, is amazing. One can reach him and seek his advice to solve your problem. He provides instant answers, which have proved useful to many. You may be one of them too, for instant answer to your queries call him on his Mobile Phone and get answers to your query right away.

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