The word occult is derived from the Latin word occult’s, which means, “hidden”. The Occult has been defined as any activity which

  • Is esoteric (employs knowledge that is not known to the general public, but which is only revealed gradually to a selected few in training).
  • Depends upon those talents which lie beyond the five senses.
  • Engages with the supernatural.

The word Wizard is derived from the Middle English wysard, from wis, wys wise.

  • A person with a high degree of knowledge or skill in a particular field.
  • A person who is highly skilled.
  • One who practices magic; a sorcerer or magician.
  • Sage.
  • The term wizard is also used intransitively of someone who has extremely high-level hacking or problem-solving ability
  • Possessing or using or characteristic of or appropriate to supernatural power

Occultism [from Latin occult-us hid] The science of things behind the veils of nature both visible and invisible, things hidden from the multitudes. The study of genuine occultism signifies penetrating deep into the causal mysteries of universal being. The term occult has noble, but largely forgotten origins. It properly defines anything which is undisclosed, concealed, or not easily perceived.

Occult Branches

Occult Subject has been divided into three Branches, which are


Vedic Astrology

Stars foretell the destiny. Vedic astrology (Jyotish) has been the torch light of many people in their dark times as vedic astrology clearly guides us our destination. we can know our future exactly. We can also know our time trend and see when is our good time and when our bad phase going to pass. Get Vedic Astrology Readings online Now.


Every phenomena is ruled by numbers. Numbers are very important aspect in our daily lives, every human being is touched by numbers, There is an hidden aspect of numbers as numbers speak them selves and every number has some mystery which affect our lives. By numerology we can know the events of future with right timing. Get Numerology Readings online Now

Tarot cards

The language of mind read by symbols. Tarot cards are the perfect system which reveals what is store in your subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind knows every thing, the future is also store in subconscious mind. Cards reveal the future by unique symbols which reveal the, past, present and future. Get Your Tarot Readings Now.

I ching

Deviation based on Tao principle. The Tao principle which is primarily based on yin and yang principle. I ching is a famous method of Chinese oracle system. There are 64 rules on which i ching is based these rules reveal the past, present and future. They can also guide us in bad phase of life, primarily they show the direction in which we are traveling and what should we do to get the better future


Future is in your hands. Palmistry has fascinated every human being as it is a simple method all can see the different lines on our palm. These lines does reveal all, your past present and future is store in these lines even what kind of thinking you have, how do you see the outer world also can be known from palm lines.


Small events foretell future. An omen is a Simple Phenomena, of every day life from which we can, point out some significant events in an Individuals life. An occultist who understand hidden meanings in small events can foretell any sudden change. While predicting future, occult wizard always look for Omens.

Remedial Measures

Every problem has its solution. Remedies are the important aspect of occult field as the remedies affect the root of any problems which help to over come the burden of the individual so that their present an future becomes smooth, trouble free.

Feng shui

Every object can affect your life. Feng shui these days is becoming very popular as its origin is from china lots of people have found that we can get a good future life by alteration in our living space with few articles which gives good vibration, it has also observed that few things should be not there at home which spoil the system of the home which deteriorate quality of our life. simple changes in home can bring good luck and a happy future life.


Surrounding environment affects the life. Vastu is very popular in india as our old monument were all based on vastu principles. Vastu is based on the principle of balance. Balance between the four directions and five tatwas which affect us. If we live in proper vastu homes we are bound to have a good life and better future.


Every thing has its representation. We use symbols in every day of our lives but we never know that how can they affect us. A powerful good symbol can bring prosperity in our life and a bad symbol can harm us. We can change our destiny by using good symbols.


Soul has an invisible eye. Every human being has got some clairvoyance power but we have forget to use them those who use them regularly can sense what is going to happen in future, they can even amend the destiny by giving intuitive based remedies. we can also develop Clairvoyance by doing deep meditation those who have been doing meditation from long time develop Clairvoyance naturally.

Psychic powers

Getting in touch with the soul is the real source of power. In the pantanjali yoga sutras it has mentioned that those who actively do raja Yoga gets some Psychic powers as the man who is more near to his soul is near to God and God has the power which can be manifest by our souls.

Aura Reading

Wonderful colors, invisible lights. We all emits some invisible colorful lights which shows our hidden nature they also reveal the hidden dangers which will harm us in near future which can affect our health. A truly Intuitive person can read the aura and help person by telling his hidden aspect which he can change him self which gives a better future and healthy life.


Kundali the sacred fire. Tantra basis is the the Kundali power which is store in every human being those who have a develop kundali they become more spiritual and they can help any one mystically as the kundali has the real source of power in us.

Mind control

Meeting with our source. Kriya Yoga the fastest method which controls mind. Mind control is the vital part if we want to excel in occult subjects as it has been observed that those who controls the mind can control any thing they can even change some part of the destiny, as a person who has the power to control his mind he has the power to alter the things at root level. Learn Kriya yoga Technique

After Death Activities

Where is the soul after death. It has been observed that few people lives start getting better and some one life getting worse after some one dies in their family. The reason is the soul can affect our life’s if a passed soul does not recognize his death she wanders around the people of the family and the result is that people life’s get disturbed. An occult wizard can recognize this and helps the soul to go for further journey so that family lives happily.


Invisible force which heals. In our hands we have the power to heal only thing is that we have to awake that power in us every human being can heal any one and him self with this power which is called as Reiki.


Every God and Godess are the part of Mythology, they reveal some hidden aspect which comes under occult subject, every Character of Mythology says many hidden aspects if understand can be used to get much benefit in present time.

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Tarun Chopra is a practicing Vedic Astrologer (Jyotish), Tarot Reader, Numerologist, Psychic Reader and Aura Reader. He lives in Gurgaon. His approach, fore feeling and intuitive impressions are excellent, also in the much sense of his affirmatives towards recommending solution to anyone’s problems. He started the practice at a very early age, and took it up as his career. A remarkable and positive change occurred in his life, when he got initiated into the divine technique, which is popularly known as Kriya Yoga. He firmly believes, that what is the purpose of predictions when he is not able to overcome the burden of the people, who are suffering in some way or the other. His virtuous ideology led him to learn the various techniques of Lal Kitab, a famous book, wherein numerous remedies are prescribed. As time passed, he developed his individual yet indigenous methods of predictions and their subsequent remedial measures. His unadulterated way of envisaging and foretelling to the people who come in contact with him, is amazing. One can reach him and seek his advice to solve your problem. He provides instant answers, which have proved useful to many. You may be one of them too, for instant answer to your queries call him on his Mobile Phone and get answers to your query right away.

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