• Something that represents something else by association, resemblance, or convention, especially a material object used to represent something invisible.
  • A printed or written sign used to represent an operation, element, quantity, quality, or relation, as in mathematics or music.
  • Psychology. An object or image that an individual unconsciously uses to represent repressed thoughts, feelings, or impulses: a phallic symbol

Every thing has its representation. We use symbols in every day of our lives but we never know that how can they affect us. A powerful good symbol can bring prosperity in our life and a bad symbol can harm us. We can change our destiny by using good symbols.

Glossary of Symbols

Anchor is the symbol of security and stability, one can draw this symbol when he needs security in some of his activity. This is the ancient Symbol which is used for Preservation or deliverance from destruction, difficulty, or evil, as it symbolizes security. This symbol can be used in daily routine if a person is facing tough time in life, one can draw this symbol in morning when he wakes up and then when he go for bed in night, This symbol can be wear to de spell the negative forces like black magic or if he feels he is troubled from wandering souls.

Animals Displaying animals can be understood as various kind of Instinct rules so there will be high intensity of emotions will be displayed where there are various animals displayed in home. As Animals use their instincts, if we display Animals in our homes we are bound to live with our instincts and some time we will behave in some other kind of behavior which is not desirable in good society.  We should avoid the pictures or idols of aggressive animals we should study the nature of the animal and then chose the right symbol to use that animal symbol in our homes

Ankh is the ancient symbol of generation. Ankh is a an Egyptian symbol , as we study this symbol it is like an half symbol of infinity with a cross, this symbol defines Life, regeneration,It is pure symbol of Masculine (staff) and Feminine (closed loop). As this symbol is like a male principle is getting union with female principle when properly used It can give tremendous powers in rituals where one is try to get his mind still and one can achieve desire goals mystically. These symbols should use very carefully and we should never wear it as it is a sacred symbol so it should be used only when one try to live a spiritual life.

Anubis is the symbol of evolution of consciousness from lower to higher levels. Anubis is the Egyptian God of the underworld (death) who guided the spirits of the dead into the afterlife. Mostly this symbol was used around the mummies. Normally one can use this symbol in a tragic death of any person to help him to reach to his higher self and recognize the death. Since Jackal (dog-headed) have some instincts which can sense death much before the actual death occurs. We should avoid Anubis symbol in our home as It has direct link with death and transformation. If any person who is having deep grief illness and he bring this symbol (picture) and then destroy the symbol in fire by doing this he can delay the death or get his health back.

Apple is the symbol of abundance, some time it is represents with sexuality. Apple is The traditional symbol of earthly desires, it also has representation with magic ( the fruit of eternal life). In modern times it represent the abundance and good health. Apples can be displayed on dining Table as it will represent the food when taken will give good health and there will be abundance in home.

Arrow is the modern symbol of direction in ancient times it represented the rays of sun. Arrow is the symbol of Single point concentration, it also represent the direction, One can draw this symbol with closed eyes when he desire to achieve some thing, he can throw mental drawn arrows to the desire object to achieve that object. Arrow is the classic symbol of the sun rays which also means creativity in life.

Rainbow is the symbol of happiness. If a person is having a dull life he can visualize or have a painting of Rainbow in his room the life will automatically start getting transformed and in few days he will notice that life has filled with vast Happiness.

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